Welcome to Allergy Season

Welcome to Allergy Season! Anyone else feel like it’s always allergy season these days? You’re not alone. Haygain just posted a great article on the topic ➡️ https://www.haygain.us/…/news…/allergy-season-all-year and they have three great ways to help keep allergens down in your barn:
1️⃣ Feeding Haygain Steamed Hay helps eliminate the many potential allergens commonly found in forage.
2️⃣ The Forager Slow Feeder contains clean hay and keeps it that way, keeping it away from allergens that may be mixed up in stall bedding, urine and waste.
3️⃣ ComfortStall Sealed Orthopedic Flooring requires very little bedding, reducing the chance that allergens mixed up in bedding will affect your horse.

Haygain makes a big difference in my horses. We are firmly #TeamSteam at #SSBEventing!