Waredaca Classic Three-Day Event & Horse Trials

What a week at the Waredaca Classic 3-day. It was truly an experience for all and I’m so pleased for everyone who was able to take part. This was the first Classic 3-day for Luba, Dayna and Jeanette (special shout-out to Stephanie Senserini for grooming for Dayna & Jeanette!!) And judging from the photo, I think Danya thinks steeplechase is the most fun of all!

10/20-23: Waredaca Classic Three-Day & Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

  • Luba Abrams with Huey: 10th in Beginner Novice Three-Day
  • Ashley Beheler with Jubilee: 11th in Beginner Novice Rider
  • Mary Clare with Golden King: 11th in Modified-A
  • Dayna Blumel with Cabo Wabo: 19th in Novice Three-Day
  • Jeannette Lussi with Rock’N Ranger: 6th in Beginner Novice Three-Day
  • Wendy Masemer with Fibber and Molly: 3rd in Modified-B
  • Katie Wherley with Grateful Heart: 7th in Open Preliminary