5/6 Final Clinic Schedule

In terms of payment, you can pay Stephen via:

** Venmo @Stephen-Bradley-14 (do not turn on for purchases)

** PayPay @ riderthreeday@aol.com (friends/family only)

** Check made payable to Stephen Bradley the day of

For Morven, you are each responsible for your registration and paperwork. You can register here: https://www.striderpro.com/a/A_nOteEcMEGuWN5WUlpx8A

Please meet Stephen in the warm up area from the HTs! You should be a bit warmed up and ready to jump at your start time. 

Time Level Riders
1:00 PM Training & Above Kai B
    Anna G
    Wendy M
2:30 PM Novice & Below Vera F
    Kristen H
    Taylor Y
    Mary Ellen T