Available for ship-in lessons

I’ve got some time in my calendar which means that I am available for ship-in lessons at my home farm Rock Ridge. All levels are welcome! Enjoy personalized instruction in a scenic and supportive environment. Plus we have one of the most picturesque outdoors I’ve ever taught in, if I do say so myself! If you’re lucky you might even get to ride under the watchful eye of the barn dogs.

Book your lesson today and take your riding to the next level!

Southern Pines HT

More exciting news from down south! I could not be more proud of my students at the Southern Pines Horse Trials in North Carolina. Congratulations to Rebecca Lee for securing first place in Open Beginner Novice-A with DGE Swipe Right, Erin Murphy for her 2nd in Preliminary Combined Test with Cooley Cadence, and 3rd in Open Novice-C with Moonlit Troll. Kudos to Brittany for her 5th place in Open Novice-A with Championesse De La Coeur! These are just a few highlights of our stellar results!

3/8-10: Southern Pines Horse Trials (Raeford, NC)

  • Brittany Hebets Miller with …
    • Championesse De La Coeur (owned by The CDCL Group): 5th in Open Novice-A
    • Island Nominee (owned by Jessica Sappenfield): 9th in Open Novice-B
  • Rebecca Lee with …
    • DGE Swipe Right (owned by Judith Lafleur): 1st in Open Beginner Novice-A
    • Malfalda SC (owned by Candace Bamford): 8th in Open Beginner Novice-B
  • Erin Murphy with …
    • Cooley Cadence (owned by The Cooley Cadence Group): 2nd in Preliminary Combined Test
    • Moonlit Troll (owned by Caroline Cook): 3rd in Open Novice-C
    • Table Talk (owned by Leslie Pitcher): 7th in Open Training-A
  • Skyeler Voss with Nautical 54 (owned by Anna Gibson): 8th in Open Novice-C

Back on Track

Boston looking very handsome while trying on his Back on Track USA mesh sheet! I really like using the Back On Track products before tacking up to help make sure that muscles are warm and supple.