Supplements from MannaPro

These two supplements from MannaPro are the backbone of our feeding program. Corta-Flx supports joint health, ensuring our equine partners move with ease and comfort, a vital aspect of their performance. U-Gard plays a crucial role in maintaining digestive health, addressing the unique challenges horses face in their diets. These supplements promote overall well-being and contribute to our horses’ success.

Woof Wear

Boston feels very stylish in his bonnet from Woof Wear!

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Back on Track 

Back on Track transforms recovery for both the horses and humans of Team SSB. Their innovative products, like therapeutic horse wraps and rider apparel, utilize Welltex technology, promoting circulation and easing muscle tension.

Champion Equestrian Wear

Before every ride, there are two non-negotiables that I never ride without: my Champion Equestrian Wear helmet and my Ride Safe bracelet.

My helmet guards against the sport’s risks, and my Be Safe bracelet stands as a silent guardian, carrying critical information for swift and effective assistance in case of any unforeseen event. These aren’t just accessories; they’re peace-of-mind essentials. Because in eventing, preparation isn’t just a choice; it’s a lifestyle.

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Ready to elevate your riding?

Enjoy personalized instruction in a scenic and supportive environment. Our clinic calendar is calming down, making it an ideal opportunity to fine-tune your skills at our home property in The Plains, VA.

Book your lesson today and take your riding to the next level!

Back on Track

Back on Track, a vital part of my toolkit, provides unparalleled support. From horse therapy to human comfort, their products enhance well-being. For top-tier performance and recovery, Back on Track is more than gear—it’s a commitment to excellence.