Haygain has been an incredible part of my program for a long time! The benefits that it brings to the horses’ respiratory health are outstanding! The steamed hay helps to reduce dust and bacteria, ensuring that my equine partners have cleaner forage and breathe easier. It’s a game-changer for their well-being and performance.

We couple this with our Manna Pro Horse supplements that are fantastic for supporting the horses’ nutrition and health. The combination of top-notch forage from HayGain and quality supplements from MannaPro makes a real difference in their overall vitality and performance. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

MDHT Starter Trials

Team SSB had a solid showing at the MDHT Starter Trials. I was in the saddle riding Peter Foley’s Boston and secured a commendable 6th place in Training-B. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness Boston’s progress and increasing confidence at every event, especially as we work towards moving up the levels in this sport.

In addition, huge congratulations to student Vera Fontana, who achieved an impressive 2nd place in Introductory-A with Olympiad. It’s great to see the hard work paying off!

11/4-5: MDHT Starter Horse Trials (Adamstown, VA)

  • Stephen Bradley with Boston (owned by Peter Foley): 6th in Training-B
  • Vera Fontana with Olympiad: 2nd in Introductory-A

Waredaca Classic Three Day

Team SSB had an absolute blast at the Waredaca Classic Three-Day! What an incredible couple days of riding and learning. Thank you to all of the volunteers and organizers who make this event possible.

This weekend held a particularly special place in our hearts. Alicia Turner set a goal six months ago – the Waredaca Classic Three-Day. I am ecstatic to share that Alicia and Key Play secured an impressive 2nd place in the Novice Three-Day. The hard work and dedication put into preparing for this moment truly paid off! What a fantastic result!

Speaking of fantastic results, major props to Nan Schumaker and La Cosa for their impressive 2nd in Training Rider. Jeannette Lussi and Rock’N’Ranger nailed it with a fabulous 2nd in Novice Rider-A. And big shoutouts to Dayna Blumel with Row the Boat and Wendy Masemer with Piper for their top ten finishes in Open Beginner Novice and Open Novice, respectively.

10/27-29: Waredaca Classic Three-Day & Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

  • Dayna Blumel with Row the Boat: 9th in Open Beginner Novice
  • Jeannette Lussi with Rock’N Rangers: 2nd in Novice Rider-A
  • Wendy Masemer with Piper: 10th in Open Novice
  • Nan Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra: 2nd in Training Rider
  • Alicia Turner with Key Play: 2nd in Novice Three-Day