Maryland 5 Star

What a fantastic couple of weekends for Team SSB!

This past weekend Brooke Burchianti and Cooley Space Grey put in some hard work at the Maryland 5 Star! I am so proud of this team! They finished top 20 in the CCI3-L and top 20 in the USEF National CCI3-L Championships!

Erin Murphy deserves a special mention for her remarkable achievement at Morven Park International two weekends ago. Riding Colleen McCarthy’s Jackson Maine, Erin secured a well-deserved 2nd place in the Open-Preliminary-A category.

And the riders out at the MDHT Fall Starter Horse Trials #1 also rode beautifully! Brittany Hebets Miller, riding Rosie, clinched a notable 2nd place in Beginner Novice-A and continued her success by securing another 2nd place in Beginner Novice-B, this time riding Stormtrooper. Vera Fontana excelled in the Introductory Combined Test, riding Olympiad to a stunning victory. She also impressed with Proud Mary in the Beginner Novice Combined Test, achieving a commendable 2nd place. Adding to the achievements, Skyeler Voss rode Nautical 54 to a 2nd place finish in the Novice-A category.

The weekend was filled with promise and fantastic results. Keep up the excellent work!

10/18-22: MARS Maryland 5 Star (Elkton, MD)

  • Brooke Burchianti with Cooley Space Grey: 19th in CCI3-L + 18th in in USEF National CCI3-L Championship

10/14-15: MDHT Fall Starter Horse Trials #1 (Adamstown, MD)

  • Ashley Beheler with Kirika: 8th in Beginner Novice-A
  • Brittany Hebets Miller with …
    • Rosie: 2nd I Beginner Novice-A
    • Stormtrooper: 2nd in Beginner Novice-B
  • Vera Fontana with …
    • Olympiad: 1st in Introductory Combined Test
    • Proud Mary: 2nd in Beginner Novice Combined Test
  • Skyeler Voss with Nautical 54: 2nd in Novice-A

10/12-15: Morven Park International (Leesburg, VA)

  • Erin Murphy of Morningside Eventing with …
    • Dominus (owned by Toni Flory): 6th in Open Training-B
    • Jackson Maine (owned by Colleen McCarthy): 2nd in Open Preliminary-A


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Doc’s Hemp

Josh looks so good I just must shout out Doc’s Hemp again for keeping him comfortable enough to look like THIS at 29!

Area II Championships

A massive round of applause to all my amazing students who fearlessly took on the wind and rain at The Maryland Horse Trials III & Area II Championships at Loch Moy! Your dedication and hard work throughout the show season have truly paid off, and I could not be more proud!

I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the incredible show staff and volunteers. Without your hard work and dedication, these events simply wouldn’t be possible.

10/6-8: The Maryland Horse Trials III & Area II Championships (Adamstown, MD)

  • Ron Abrams with The Godfather: 11th in Beginner Novice Rider
  • Dayna Blumel with Row the Boat: 8th in Open Beginner Novice
  • Brooke Burchianti with Cooley Constellation: 12th in Open Training
  • Rebecca Lee with Elton B: 3rd in Area II Open Modified Championships
  • Jeannette Lussi with Rock’N Ranger: 9th in Area II Open Beginner Novice Championships
  • Erin Murphy with Moatrea Cooley on the Con: 2nd in Open Modified
  • Nan Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra: 2nd in Area II Open Novice Championships
  • Curran Simpson with RF Cosmos: 8th in Area II Open Novice Championships

Old Tavern Horse Trials

It’s been an incredible couple of weeks for Stephen Bradley Eventing, filled with outstanding performances!

Two weekends ago at Unionville International, Brooke Burchianti and Cooley Space Grey secured a stellar fifth-place finish in the CCI4-S, while Rebecca Lee and Elton B showcased their prowess with a fantastic fourth place in the CCI1-S-A.

At the Marlborough Starter Horse Trials, Brittany had some great rides. And she ended the weekend with a second place in Training Horse with Island Nominee and fifth place with Rosie in Beginner Novice.

I’m thrilled also to announce that Katherine Rizzo made a triumphant return to the show ring at the Marlborough Starter Horse Trials after overcoming a broken foot. She finished fourth on Red in Introductory.

Out at Old Tavern Horse Trials, Jeannette Lussi and Rock’N’Ranger secured a fantastic win in Senior Novice Rider. Congratulations to Erin Murphy who finished with a fourth place with Hemisphere in Open Beginner Novice and fifth place with Traditional Hat Man. And finally big shout out to Molly Sherman and Winsome’s third place in Preliminary Rider!

I was also out at Old Tavern with Peter Foley’s Boston, and I must say, Boston put in some confident work. It’s a privilege to work with such a talented horse.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the show staff and volunteers who make these events possible. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.

To all of Team SSB, I applaud your unwavering commitment and the remarkable support you offer each other!!!

9/30-10/1: Old Tavern Horse Trials (The Plains, VA) 

  • Stephen with Boston (owned by Peter Foley): 10th in Novice Horse 
  • Brooke Burchianti with …
    • Cooley Constellation: 14th in Open Training 
    • Summer Fantasy: 8th in Open Beginner Novice    
  • Jeannette Lussi with Rock’N Ranger: 1st in Sr. Novice Rider 
  • Erin Murphy with …
    • Hemisphere: 4th in Open Beginner Novice  
    • Traditional Hat Man: 5th in Beginner Novice Horse  
  • Molly Sherman with Winsome: 3rd in Preliminary Rider 
  • Allyson Thomas with Queen of the North: 8th in Sr. Training Rider 

9/30: Marlborough Starter Horse Trials (Upper Marlboro, MD) 

  • Britt Hebets-Miller with …
    • Island Nominee: 2nd in Training  
    • Rosie: 5th in Beginner Novice 
  • Katherine Rizzo with Red: 4th in Introductory 
  • Skyeler Voss with Nautical 54: 6th in Novice-B  

9/21-24: Unionville International (Unionville, PA) 

  • Brooke Burchianti with Cooley Space Grey: 5th in CCI4*-S  
  • Rebecca Lee with Elton B: 4th in CCI1*-S—A