Voltaire Design

One of the coolest things about riding in the new Voltaire Design saddle is Equisense!

Equisense offers real-time insights into your horse’s movement and performance. It’s like having a personal trainer for your horse. With the Equisense Inside app, you can track and analyze your rides, receive detailed reports, and even anticipate potential lameness issues.

Horses are athletes, and like any athlete, they deserve the best care and training. Equisense helps us achieve that by providing us with accurate data and actionable insights. It’s about enhancing performance, optimizing training, and ensuring the well-being of our four-legged teammates.

Marlborough Horse Trials

I am so proud of Team SBE and their recent rides! These results are not just about ribbons, they reflect the dedication to your partnership and this sport!

Congratulations to Ashley Beheler on your top-ten finish with Kirika at MDHT Fall Starter Horse Trials!

Our riders out at Marlborough Horse Trials also had a great weekend! Dayna Blumel had an outstanding performance with Cabo Wabo securing a 5th place finish in Training Rider, and a 6th place with Row The Boat in Open Beginner Novice. Brooke Burchianti and Northern Attitude impressed us with their top-ten finish in Open Novice Beginner, and then Brooke came back with Summer Fantasy and rode to a 7th place finish in Open Beginner Novice. Another noteworthy ride was Kelley Williams and Valfreyja- who secured a 7th place finish in Open Training the Marlborough Horse Trials!


9/16-17: MDHT Fall Starter Horse Trials #1 (Adamstown, MD)

  • Ashley Beheler with Kirika: 9th in Beginner Novice-B

9/16: Marlborough Horse Trials (Upper Marlboro, MD)

  • Dayna Blumel with
    • Cabo Wabo: 5th in Training Rider
    • Row the Boat: 6th in Open Beginner Novice
  • Brooke Burchianti with
    • Northern Attitude: 9th in Open Beginner Novice
    • Summer Fantasy: 7th in Open Beginner Novice
  • Kelley Williams with Valfreyja: 7th in Open Training


Josh – retirement looks good on you! And so much of that is thanks to Doc’s Hemp for keeping this old man comfortable and happy so that he can enjoy his golden years!


Taking care of our equine partners is always my top priority. They work tirelessly for us, performing at their peak, and safeguarding their well-being is non-negotiable. Vigilance against ulcers is crucial, and I’m thrilled to say that the Haygain steamer has been a game-changer in maintaining their gastric health. By steaming their hay, we’ve seen remarkable improvements. The HayGain steamer has become an essential tool in our stable, ensuring that our horses stay happy and healthy. And coupled with U-Gard from Manna Pro Horse , we’re focused on maintaining gut health and overall wellness.

Five Points Horse Trials

A big congratulations to Skyeler on her fantastic win with Argyle in the Advanced Combined Test at the Five Point Horse Trials in Raeford, NC. Way to go Skyeler! Happy fall season, everyone!

Back on Track USA

Back on Track USA isn’t just a brand, it’s a way of ensuring the well-being of my team, from horses to our loyal canine companions. The therapeutic benefits of Back On Track products have been a game-changer in our training and recovery routines. Seeing Artie enjoying the same benefits makes me so happy!

American Eventing Championships

I am so excited to send my heartfelt congratulations to our TEAM SBE members who competed at AECs. Competing there is no small feat; it’s a chance to showcase your skills on a national stage, going up against top-notch horse and rider combinations from across the country. I am incredibly proud of all of my students who took on this challenge! Congratulations to Rebecca and The Dutch Master on their 4rd place finish in the Open Modified Championships. And Jennette and Rock’N’Ranger for their 13th place in the Beginner Novice Master Amateur Championships, along with a 4th place finish in the Adult Team Beginner Novice Championships. Rounding out our group was Melissa Fox and Tito Tonight, who finished 25th in the Novice Amateur Championships.

Team SBE was also out at the Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials this past weekend. I love competing at this show grounds. The volunteers and staff are great, and it is so clear that they put so much work into this show!

Peter Foley’s Boston put in a solid run in the Open Novice-2. I am so thrilled to be part of this horse’s team. His future is bright! Congratulations to Erin on her win with Montarea Cooley On The Con in Open Training-1, Molly and Winsome on their 3rd place finish in Open Modified-2, and Katie and Grateful Heart’s 3rd place in Open Intermediate (and TIP Intermediate Championship)!

9/2-3: Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials (Poolesville, MD)

  • Stephen with Boston (owned by Peter Foley): 7th in Open Novice-2
  • Erin Murphy with Monatrea Cooley On The Con: 1st in Open Training-1
  • Molly Sherman with Winsome: 2nd in Open Modified-2
  • Curran Simpson with RF Cosmos: 8th in Open Novice-1
  • Katie Wherley with Grateful Heart: 3rd in Open Intermediate + Top Intermediate Champion

8/29-9/3: American Eventing Championships (Lexington, KY)

  • Brooke Burchianti with Cooley Space Grey: 25th in Adequate Advanced Championships
  • Melissa Fox with Tito Tonight: 25th in Novice Amateur Championships
  • Rebecca Lee with The Dutch Master: 3rd in Open Modified Championships
  • Jeannette Lussi with Rock’N Ranger: 13th in Beginner Novice Master Amateur Championships + 4th in Adult Team Beginner Novice Championships

Woof Wear Boots

Ensuring the well-being of my horses is huge for me. Woof Wear boots provide that essential protection, allowing us to tackle any challenge with confidence. And just as Woof Wear guards my horse, my Champion Equestrian Wear helmet safeguards me. Together, they exemplify the commitment to safety that underpins our sport.

To try either of these products use my code SBRADLEY15 for 15% off and free shipping at www.toklat.com, if you’re shopping local DM me for a printable coupon.