Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse has been my go-to tack shop for several years now. Their impressive selection of top-quality products from renowned brands like Champion Equestrian Wear, Manna Pro Horse and EQyss Grooming Products is unmatched. Whether I’m looking for premium riding gear or top-notch horse care essentials, Riding Warehouse consistently delivers excellence. As an equestrian with high standards, I wholeheartedly recommend Riding Warehouse to fellow riders who are looking for a one stop shop that ships right to your front door!

Waredaca Starter Horse Trial

What an incredible weekend it has been at the Waredaca Starter Horse Trial! I’m absolutely thrilled with how all of my students rode! 

Congratulations Ashley, your partnership with Kirika led to a fantastic second-place finish in the Elementary Horse division! Dayna and Kelley, your solid rides exemplify the essence of eventing—trust, skill, and teamwork. 

8/26: Waredaca Starter Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD) 

  • Ashley Beheler with Kirika: 2nd in Elementary Horse 
  • Dayna Blumel with Row the Boat: 7th in Open Beginner Novice 
  • Kelley Williams with Chillax: 4th in Beginner Novice Horse

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What a fantastic weekend at Waredaca Horse Trials!

What a fantastic weekend we had at the Waredaca Horse Trials! It’s events like these that truly showcase the beauty of our sport. A huge shoutout to the volunteers and staff who make it all possible – your dedication is unmatched. I am also incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors, who play an essential role in our journey. And speaking of journeys, NoHo Hank, owned by Leigh Ann Farrar, was exceptional in the Novice Horse division. It’s truly an honor to be part of his training and development.

A special mention to Molly Sherman, who secured a well-deserved victory with Winsome in Modified-B. Your hard work has paid off beautifully.

photo – Molly and Winsome on course!

8/18-20: Waredaca Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

  • Stephen Bradley with NoHo Hank (owned by Leigh Ann Farrar): 8th in Novice Horse
  • Jeanette Lussi with Rock’N Ranger: 4th in Open Beginner Novice
  • Molly Sherman with Winsome: 1st in Modified-B

Woof Wear

Whether it’s protective boots, saddle pads, or therapeutic essentials, Woof Wear offers a wide range of high-quality products that cater to all my equestrian needs. Their stylish designs and durable materials make them a go-to choice for both daily rides and competition. The best part? It doesn’t break the bank! With Woof Wear, I get the perfect balance of style, functionality, and affordability.

What a weekend for our team at SBE!

What a weekend it’s been for our team at Stephen Bradley Eventing! Everyone had lovely rides, and put in a massive amount of work.  Huge congratulations to Brittany for her brilliant victory in Open Novice with Island Nominee at Fair Hill International August Horse Trials. Skyeler Voss, the work you have put in was apparent at Beginner Novice A at Hunt Club Farms Start Horse Trials, securing a well-earned first place with Nautical 54. Jeannette Lussi and Rock’N’Ranger, what a fantastic achievement, grabbing a solid second place in Open Beginner Novice at the Olney Farm Horse Trials. I’m incredibly proud of all your performances. Onward and upward!  

8/13-14: Fair Hill International August Horse Trials (Elkton, MD)

  • Brittany Hebets-Miller with …
    • Island Nominee: 1st in Open Novice-A
    • Stuck on Gold: 7th in Open Preliminary-B
  • Erin Murphy with Cooley Cadence: 6th in Open Preliminary-B
  • Katie Wherley with Grateful Heart: 5th in Open Preliminary-B

8/12: Hunt Club Farms Starter Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Skyeler Voss with Nautical 54: 1st in Beginner Novice-A

8/6: Olney Farm Horse Trials (Joppa, MD)

  • Jeannette Lussi with Rock’N Ranger: 2nd in Open Beginner Novice

Katie and Grateful Heart on course 

Multi Radiance Veterinary

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Hunt Club Farms Horse Trials and Millbrook Horse Trials

I am absolutely thrilled with how my students performed this past weekend! Congratulations to Brook for her rides at the Millbrook Horse Trials, your dedication truly shined! Then we have two competing at Hunt Club Farm Horse Trials, congratulations to Brittany for her 3rd place finish with Island Nominee, and to Erin for her 2nd place in Open Training.


7/28-30: Hunt Club Farms Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Brittany Hebets Miller with …
    • Flat Creek: 7th in Open Novice
    • Island Nominee: 3rd in Novice Horse
    • Rough Heart: 5th in Open Novice
  • Erin Murphy of Morningside Eventing with …
    • Jackson Maine: 5th in Open Preliminary
    • Montreal Cooley on the Con: 2nd in Open Training

7/28-30: Millbrook Horse Trials (Millbrook, NY)

  • Brooke Burchianti with …
    • Cooley Space Gray: 18th in Advanced
    • Eternal Hope: 10th in Open Training-A

Erin on course