MDHT Starter III

What a wonderful weekend at the Maryland Horse Trials in Adamstown! Peter Foley’s Boston continues to be a fantastic partner and pulled out a 3rd place finish in Novice-B. We also saw so many blues this weekend- Ashley with Kirika in Elementary-A, Vera and Proud Mary in Beginner Novice-A, Molly and Winsome in the Modified Combined test, and Kelly and Valfreyja in the Training Combined test!!! WOW! How wonderful to watch all of the hard work come to fruition!!  

📸 Nan and La Cosa Nostra on a very confident cross-country run  

📸 Ashley and Kirika during a very harmonious dressage test  

5/27-28: MDHT Starter III (Adamstown, MD)  
Stephen with Peter Foley’s Boston: 3rd in Novice-B  
Ashley Beheler with Kirika: 1st in Elementary-A  
Vera Fontana with Proud Mary: 1st in Beginner Novice-A  
Wendy Masemer with Tom Foolery: 2nd in Training-A + TIP Training Champion  
Nan Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra: 3rd in Novice-A  
Molly Sherman with Winsome: 1st in Modified Combined Test  
Kelley Williams with Valfreyja: 1st in Training Combined Test  

5/26-28: Virginia Horse Center Eventing Horse Trials (Lexington, VA)  
Former working student Megan Hopkins with Nevertheless: 7th in Preliminary Rider 

Hunt Club Farms Horse Trials

More wonderful results from the first couple weekends of May. All of the hard work and dedication is paying off– lots of first-place ribbons, and top finishes! Way to go team!  

5/20-21: Hunt Club Farms Horse Trials (Berryville, MD) 
Stephen with Peter Foley’s Boston: 8th in Open Novice-A 
Ashley Beheler with Jubilee: 10th in Beginner Novice Rider 
Former working student Megan Hopkins with Nevertheless: 7th in Open Modified 
Rebecca Lee with The Dutch Master: 1st in Open Modified  
Jeannette Lussi with Rock ‘N Ranger: 2nd in Open Beginner Novice 

5/20-21: Fair Hill International Horse Trials (Elkton, MD) 
Curran Simpson with Fernhill Flame: 5th in Novice Rider 

5/18-21: Mid-Atlantic Dressage Festival (Lexington, VA) 
Brooke Burchianti with Cooley Space Grey: 1st in Second Level, Test 2 + 2nd in Second Level, Test 3 + 1st in Third Level, Test 1 + 1st in Third Level, Test 2 
Brooke Burchianti with Rooster Cogburn: 2nd & 4th in Training Level, Test 1 + 1st & 3rd in Training Level, Test 2 

5/13: Waredaca Starter Event (Laytonsville, MD) 
Katherine Rizzo with A Teague of His Own: 3rd in Intro-BN B 
Kelley Williams with Indy Ride: 3rd in Open Elementary

Voltaire Design

Properly balancing and communicating with your horse is crucial. That’s why I prefer Voltaire Design saddles. They focus on achieving the perfect balance between the rider and the horse’s anatomy, helping me find the right position for better connection and control.

Riding Warehouse and Back on Track

I don’t know about you, but we are busy. Between taking care of the horses, teaching, riding, and running in between it all I don’t always have time to run to the tack shop. Riding Warehouse is my favorite online tack shop- everything I need right at the click of a button! They also carry a barn favorite – Back on Track USA. All of our horses use their stuff! We love knowing that our horses’ muscles are loose and relaxed.


Just a quick tip in case you’re curious about where in the world I am – you can always check my calendar! I’m excited to share that I have several upcoming clinics at Waredaca and A Bit Better Farm . Rest assured, all levels are welcome and the only requirement is a desire to learn. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Check out my calendar here:


In our sport, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there are inherent risks whenever we mount our horses. While we hope nothing ever goes wrong (knocking on wood), it’s essential to ensure that the people who show up to help us have all the necessary information. Our safety is a top priority, and I put my trust in Ride Safe, and Champion Equestrian Wear for that purpose.

With my Champion Revolve Ventair helmet and Ti22 body protector from Toklat Originals, I feel confident in my security. Additionally, my Ride Safe band provides an extra layer of reassurance.

If you’re interested in getting your own Champion Helmet, feel free to use my code SBRADLEY15 to enjoy a 15% discount and free shipping. And if you prefer shopping locally, just send me a message on Facebook, and I’ll provide you with a printable coupon. Stay safe out there!

Rock Ridge

Sometimes I am on the road teaching so much I think that people forget that I also teach at home. Rock Ridge, a truly remarkable place. Nestled on 100 picturesque acres with miles of hacking trails, it is a paradise. There is nothing like teaching in my own arena. I have space for ship-ins. All levels welcome!

Ulcer prevention and treatment

Preventing and treating ulcers in horses can be both challenging and expensive. However, we have found a solution that not only works effectively but is also affordable – U-Gard Pellets from Manna Pro Horse. These pellets have been a staple in my feed room for as long as I can remember. They are a reliable and cost-effective way to promote healthy digestion and prevent ulcers in horses.

Waredaca Spring Horse Trials

Another fantastic weekend. Good work teams! And congratulations to Jeannette on her first-place finish!

5/6-7: Waredaca Spring Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

🌸 Luba Abrams with Huey: 5th in Open Beginner Novice

🎉 Ashley Beheler with Jubilee: 11th in Beginner Novice Rider-B

✨Dayna Blumel with Cabo Wabo: 5th in Open Training

👨‍🏫 Rebecca Lee with The Dutch Master: 5th in Modified-B

🎸 Jeannette Lussi with Rock ‘N Ranger: 1st in Open Beginner Novice

Doc’s Hemp

CBD has been found effective in reducing muscle and joint pain in humans, and it’s also great for horses! We’ve witnessed its effectiveness on our senior horses. Using Doc’s Hemp gives us peace of mind, as they grow their product on certified organic farms in Vermont, triple-check everything, and it is veterinarian approved and third-party tested. It’s great to have a natural option that keeps our equine companions comfortable and happy.