1/28 Stephen Bradley Clinic Schedule

1) If you have an issue the day of the clinic, please text me (301.502.8929).

2) The Covered Bridge Farm address is: 2345 Duvall Road; Woodbine, MD 21797. Once at the farm, stay to the right. Please keep trailers on the gravel lot next to the outdoor arena as much as possible. Do not drive trailers behind the indoor arena. Auditors can drive their cars alongside the outdoor and park in the smaller gravel area near the indoor arena.

Time Level Riders
9:00 AM Intro Eve McM
    Kelley W
10:00 AM N/T Julie B
    Claire McE
    Kelley W
11:15 AM BN/N KC C
    Rachel H
    Edyta N
    Jim M
12:45 PM Training Addison K
    Emerson K
1:45 PM BN Ron A
    Megan R

The Maryland Horse Trials Rock N Roll Derby

Starting out the new year with results from the The Maryland Horse Trials Rock N Roll Derby! Well done Jeanette! (Pic is from Waredaca last summer – if anyone has any good ones, send them to oni@mythiclanding.com)
1/7-8: MDHT Rock ’N Roll Derby (Adamstown, MD)
• Jeanette Lussi with Rock ’N Ranger: 10th in Novice