Results Catch-Up!

We’ve got a bit of a results dump to catch up on but as you can see it’s been a busy few weeks of horse showing! Great job everyone!

Virginia Horse Trials

Stephen Bradley with Erika Louvo 7th in 2*S

Brooke Burchianti with Cooley Space Grey 18th in 2*L

Katie Wherley with Grateful Heart 8th in Prelim Horse

Nanette Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra 4th in Training Rider A

Melissa Fox with Tito Tonight 2nd in Novice Rider B

Chris Talley with Lunetta (former sale horse) 4th in Open Training

MCTA Horse Trails at Shawan Downs

Luna Abrams with Huey 2nd in Open Beginner Novice B

Jeannette Lussi with Rock’n Ranger 7th in Open Beginner Novice B

Middleburg Horse Trials

Dana Bivens with Fernhill Kannan Cruis 4th in Open Prelim 2

Nanette Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra 5th in Training Senior

Molly Sherman with Winsome 9th Open Training 2

Wendy Masemer with Tom Foolery 7th in Open Novice 1

Melissa Fox with Rogue Patriot 11th in Open Beginner Novice 2

War Horse Event Series (Carolina Horse Park)

Katherine Wheeley with Lunetta (former sale horse) 3rd in Modified CT (Katherine’s first modified!)