Results 10/30-11/1

Wow! Congrats to all of Team SSB that put in spectacular performances this past weekend!!

Virginia Fall Horse Trials, CIC & CCI (10/30-11/1, Lexington, VA)

Stephen and one of his Preliminary horses Lunetta (aka “Luna”) had an unfortunate fall on cross country at the Virginia Horse Trials this past weekend. This resulted in a broken collar bone for Stephen, and a few bumps and bruises for Luna. Thankfully they will both be ok to fight another day! Prior to the fall, Stephen was in 3rd place with both Luna and his other Preliminary horse, Catapult (who just happened to score a 23.2 in dressage!). Join us in sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Stephen!

Mary Clare and Furl the Main finished in 5th place in the Open Beginner Novice-B division.

Erin Freedman and Viola completed the Open Intermediate division.

Assistant Rebecca Lee and Midnight Raid WON the ATC Open Training division.

Sandy McCormack and Aphrodite finished in 4th place in the ATC Open Training division.

Curran Simpson completed the Area II Novice Championship division with Fernhill Flame and RF Cosmos.

Kelley Williams and Cobra’s Spots finished in 26th place in the CIC1* division.

Rocking Horse Fall Horse Trials (10/31-11/1, Altoona, FL)

Beth Huddleston completed the Open Intermediate division with Phinneaus O’Leary.

11/1: Full Gallop Farm November Horse Trials (Aiken, SC)

Former working student Matthew Ulmer WON the Intermediate/Preliminary division with Palmetto Conair. Matthew also finished in 2nd place in the Preliminary division with Palmetto Bay.

Waredaca Fall Starter Horse Trials (11/1, Laytonsville, MD)

Ashley Beheler and Noblesse Oblige finished in 3rd place in the Novice Rider-A division.

Stephanie Bradley-Green finished in 5th place with Is Greater Than in the Beginner Novice Rider-A division.

Katherine Rizzo and Piper finished in 3rd place in the Novice Combined Test division. Katherine also WON the Elementary Horse division with Wonderland.

Tara Shegogue and Ridin’ Shotgun WON the Beginner Novice Rider-A division.

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