9/10: Team SSB Student Results

Kelley & Stilts
PC: Mike McNally

9/8-9: Five Points Horse Trials (Raeford, NC)

  • Former working student Matthew Ulmer with Uno Concerto: 7th in Open Preliminary


9/8: Seneca Valley Pony Club Fall Horse Trials (Poolesville, MD)

  • Melissa Hunsberger with Balaghmare Castle C: 7th in Preliminary Horse
  • Melissa Hunsberger with Master Eli: 15th in Open Intermediate-B
  • Molly Sherman with Winsome: 3rd in Preliminary Horse
  • Kelley Williams with Runsonstilts: 11th in Open Preliminary

9/3: Team SSB Results

Jean Fowler’s Zakopane saying hello from his first big horse show!

9/2: The Maryland Horse Trials Fall Starter #1 (Adamstown, MD)

  • Glenda Player with Dreams Come True: 4th in Novice-C
  • Kelley Williams with Jones Pache: 5th in Novice-D


9/1: FEH/YEH/NEH at The Maryland Horse Trials (Adamstown, MD)

  • Stephen Bradley with Jean Fowler’s Zakopane: 1st in 4-year-old Future Event Horse
  • Caitlin Kuczynski with VH De la Noche: 3rd in Yearling Future Event Horse

8/27: Team SSB Show Results

8/25-26: Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Fall Horse Trials (Leesburg, VA)

  • Stephen Bradley with sale horse Lunetta: 6th in Open Training
  • Mary Clare with Furl the Main: 5th in Open Novice
  • Lance LeClair with Missy Clare: 5th in Novice Rider
  • Steph Kohr with ESI Sky High: 5th in Open Training
  • Caitlin Kuczynski with Fernhill Showboat: 8th in Open Preliminary-A
  • Michaline West with Southport: 2nd in Beginner Novice Rider

8/20: Team SSB Student Results

8/18-19: Waredaca Summer Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

  • Leslie Favre with Remington: 5th in Training Rider-A
  • Steph Kohr with Coincidentally: 4th in Open Beginner Novice
  • Steph Kohr with Irisina: 2nd in 5-year-old Young Event Horse
  • Caitlin Kuczynski with Fernhill Showboat: 12th in Open Preliminary
  • Caitlin Kuczynski with VH St. Kohltrane: 4th in 2-year-old Future Event Horse
  • Katherine Rizzo with Spicer Cub: 3rd in New Event Horse
  • Molly Sherman with Winsome: 3rd in Intermediate/Preliminary

8/18-19: Full Gallop Farm August Horse Trials (Aiken, SC)

  • Matthew Ulmer with Palmetto Conair: 1st in Preliminary/Training
  • Matthew Ulmer with Sky Boy Squared: 3rd in Preliminary/Training