Mini Clinics at Hickory House

Fix-A-Test Mini Clinics
at Hickory House

Join Stephen Bradley, Helen Brettell and Melissa Hunsberger on select Thursday afternoons for fix-a-test mini lessons at Hickory House in The Plains. Set on over 300 acres, the farm boasts incredible amenities including a state-of-the-art all-weather outdoor arena and full cross-country schooling course. Starting at 12 noon and going into the early evening, participants will be able to design their own afternoon.

We will have a regulation dressage arena set up, plus a full show jumping course for fix-a-tests. And for those wanting to work on a specific cross country scenario, we can make that happen as well. 30 minute dressage, show jumping and cross-country fix-a-test sessions will be offered. And you’ll be able to choose your own time slot(s) on a first come first serve basis.

Participants will receive sponsor swags and an invite to a summer trail ride and potluck at Hickory House!

April 16th | May 28th | June 4th | June 18th

COST (per day)
1st lesson = $50
2nd lesson = $45
3rd lesson = $40
Daily facility fee = $30

Thursday, June 18th

TIME RIDER #1 Rider #2                 
12:00pm Ashley R. (D – BN) Ashley B. (SJ – BN)
12:30pm Ashley R. (D – BN) Ashley B. (XC – BN)
1:00pm Ashley R. (SJ – BN) Natalie E. (D – T)
1:30pm Ashley R. (SJ – BN) OPEN
2:00pm Gillian S. (D – greenie)  Natalie E. (SJ – T)
2:30pm Kim E. (SJ – BN) Natalie E. (XC – T)
3:00pm Gillian S. (SJ – greenie)  Kim E. (XC – T)
3:30pm Cheryl S. (D – PSG) OPEN

To sign up, email Margaret McKelvy at with your preferred time(s) and phase(s). Your time is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from Margaret.