Back on Track

Back on Track LogoRunning and jumping at high levels of speed certainly takes it toll on competition horses. Back on Track provides a form of heat therapy that gets those sore joints and muscles feeling good as new. The leg wraps, boots and blankets help Stephen’s horses stay comfortable after a long day competing.


Corta-Flx® has been delivering the world’s top equestrians with trusted results since the company was founded in Aiken, South Carolina 20 years ago. Its namesake product, Corta-Flx® joint supplement, is available in liquid, pellet, and powder form, and has been clinically shown to produce dramatic results in horses’ joint health within days. Its revolutionary formula features pure, micro-sized, water soluble, isolated nutrients comparable to the active ingredients found in Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid. The micro-sized Isolates in Corta-Flx® are able to penetrate the horse’s cellular walls more quickly and effectively than larger ones, rapidly delivering key nutrients to affected joints. Stephen loves the line of Corta-Flx® products because they keep his horse’s joints feeling fresh after tough training days and competitions!

Doc’s Hemp

EQyss Grooming Products

Founded in 1991, EQyss Grooming Products manufactures Premium quality grooming products using Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Stephen loves these products because they keep his horses’ skin and coat shiny and healthy to help them perform and feel their best!


HayGain Hay Steamers

Hay Gain LogoFor horses that suffer from allergies or have any respiratory problems, HayGain has the perfect product enhance your horse’s health. The hay steamer conditions hay into dust-free, highly palatable forage. The steamer has proved to be much more hygienic and efficient than soaking thus improving horses performance.

Higher Standards Leather Care

Higher Standards Leather Care makes top quality leather cleaners and leather balms in inspiring and invigorating scents to make cleaning tack and leather products a pleasure. Stephen loves these products because they not only keep all of his tack dirt and sweat-free, but they also keep it looking brand new day after day and especially at competitions!


Horse Quencher

Don’t you wish you could get your horses to drink water on command? Now you can, with Horse Quencher! At Stephen S. Bradley Eventing, this is the ONLY product we trust to keep our horses hydrated at competitions and while traveling. It’s so easy! Just add it to water, stir, and serve. 99% acceptance rate, and 100% guaranteed. Great for horse shows, new barns, funny water, weather changes, illnesses, and fuel stops while traveling. Improve your horses’ health and performance, by getting them to drink more water…with Horse Quencher! Want to try some for yourself? Just ask Margaret for a 30% off coupon!


Maxtra Pads offer high impact foam, maximum absorption and dispersion through their contour with relief. As eventers, we’re always looking for that perfect pad that combines function and form, and we’ve found that with the Maxtra Pads.


Multi-Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance LogoAs riders, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are physically fit and feeling well in order to give our horses the ride they deserve. Multi-Radiance medical provides affordable, high quality care that is customer focused. The range of different laser devices provides customized care to accelerate pain relief and recovery to get its patients back to feeling 100%.


Stephen’s secret to having a competitive advantage really is no secret. For him, it comes from choosing superior nutrition to help his horses maintain excellent health. The Nutrena feeds we use do just that, offer the right balance of calories and fat with topline support to sustain energy and drive high-performance results. When you’re in it to win it, staying ahead of the competition is all in a day’s work.

Ride Safe

Ride Safe LogoThe Ride Safe bracelet is a new product to the Eventing community that is upping the bar in safety. The sports medical ID bracelet can be worn everyday by riders when working on the farm or riding. In case of an emergency, the Ride Safe ID will provide first responders immediate access to your secure medical history and contact information. Of course, your bracelet can be customized to your favorite color!

Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse offers a wide selection of quality products for the horse and rider including tack, riding apparel, trailer and stable equipment, equine supplements, and more. RW’s horse-savvy customer service crew combined with free shipping & free return shipping for a year, ensure an exceptional shopping experience. As an added bonus, Stephen’s clients receive a 15% discount!


Toklat manufactures and distributes some of the most popular branded equestrian products including our favorite Woof Wear boots and many more. Their top-quality products support a better experience, and improved performance for horse and rider. Want to shop for yourself? Just ask Margaret for a 15% off coupon!

Voltaire Design

Voltaire DesignVoltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making and was the first saddle maker to get advice from the fashion industry in the designing of their product. In addition to being the first environmentally friendly saddler, Voltaire’s mission is to help every rider fulfill their potential. Stephen loves the way these saddles fit his horses and helps to improve his riding.


Woof Wear

For over twenty years, Woof Wear has been innovating and producing high quality protective products suitable for equine athletes. The Smart, Original, Pro and Sport Ranges offer products for all levels of equestrian activities. Woof Wear boots protect all of our horses from the youngsters all the way up to our Advanced competitors. Want to buy some Woof Wear for you and your horse? Just ask Margaret for a 30% off coupon!